Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, M!

Dress - Cocomo via Walmart // Shirt - American Heritage Girls Leader Shirt // Shoes - Maurices

You're going to see a lot of birthday posts in the next several weeks! Out of the 10 people in my family, the majority of birthdays are from May 17-June 16. And as the cake decorator of the family (well, my dad's pretty good too...but I kind of took over when he got too busy) I have, well, a lot of work to do. And 'cause the cakes are supposed to be surprises I have to do them at night when everyone else is asleep! Now that I think about it, it's funny that I remember being tired during the last several cakes I's weird 'cause I'm usually very awake at night. Anyways, back to my original point. Which was... .... .... Oh yeah. My brother's birthday is today. M just turned 14 today! We adopted him from Ukraine just last fall and he fits into our family so well :) Happy Birthday to my awesome brother, M!

My brother is an active boy scout, which is awesome anyway but is more impressive when you consider that he has had to learn a lot of English over the past year and is still learning more every day! My brothers are in boy scouts and my sisters are in an organization called American Heritage Girls. Or AHG for short. That's why I'm in my awesome, oversized polo today. I think I may have said this in my About Me, but I'm too lazy to click on the link to check...anyways, I'm a Junior Leader for AHG (I can't be an official leader until I'm 21) and, although I've been a little MIA this year due to school, I went to tonight's meeting. I started helping out last year, and I was asked to be a junior leader because basically I was already helping a lot, but this way it was official...and I got this great shirt :/ As you can see, it's not really a great shirt, but I've recently found some cute ways to wear it without it looking too awful! So yeah, this isn't one of my favorite outfits, but the shirt was a necessity today, and I like the way I wore it :)

Counting down the days 'til my California trip! I leave Monday morning! Read about my first trip here! Hope y'all have a great day and thanks for reading :)

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