Saturday, May 25, 2013

Science and Sea Lions

I really don't feel like writing anything, but I know if I don't I'll regret it later. It was a great day, it's just super late and I want to go to sleep...except that I got a second (or perhaps third) wind and now I'm not really that tired.

Well today we finally went to the California Academy of Sciences. Dad's wanted to go to a science museum in Cali every time he's on a business trip here, but he never made it. And I wasn't too keen on wasting a day there when there are science museums back home :/ But, much to my dad's chagrin, it ended up being a natural sciences museum. I, on the other hand, love natural sciences! There was a rainforest exhibit, an amazing IMAX planetarium presentation, an aquarium, and a bunch of other cool stuff. So really, it was great because it was a science museum, which dad liked, but it was also a natural science museum, which I liked! Another cool thing was the roof was totally covered in vegetation. And, there was an interesting earthquake exhibit as well--with an earthquake simulator!

Then we headed back to Fisherman's Wharf via Lombard street which was only a little out of our way. This time to actually check out the stores! Haha, we went to Fisherman's Wharf 3 times and never actually made it on the pier until today! We then walked down to Pier 39 and did a bunch of shopping there. We stopped at The Shell Cellar and Treasure Ireland--two stores I remembered from last time. They were both just as cute as I remember! I didn't buy any shells, but I did buy an air plant 'cause it was inexpensive and looked really interesting! I didn't buy anything from Treasure Ireland, but I seriously want a Celtic birth charm! I'm so glad Laura got to see Treasure Ireland though--it's a great store

Oh, on the way to Pier 39 I saw this awesome guy doing spray paint paintings in a booth on the sidewalk! He painted so fast and had some awesome techno music in the background as he worked. Now, I've seen a video of this, but I've never seen it in person. This guy was really creative and painted in a color scheme that I love and did lots of fantasy paintings of landscapes with planets in the background close to the horizon. I thought this was so cool and I really wanted to support him, but I assumed he would sell his paintings for around $40. I was right...but he lowered the price to $10 for a special sale. Well, really he just lowered the price to sell more paintings so people would think they were saving money and be more willing to buy. Anyways, I was so excited that it was only $10 so I could buy one! I'll take a picture of it for y'all to see probably when I get home. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm gonna get it home without bending it...

For dinner we ate at what used to be Sea Lion Cafe (probably because all of the Sea Lions that like to lounge right outside...), but was bought out by Neptune's Palace and now just called Neptune's Waterfront Grill and Bar. I ate at Neptune's Palace last trip to California and it was great! But, a little expensive. Anyways, I've decided to try to be really adventurous and random when I order off the menu. I mean, I know what I like and what I want to eat. So...I usually end up with just mac n cheese or something like that. This time I got Dungeness Crab on noodles. It was pretty great tasting! Oh, and our waiter was from England and had a very cool accent :) So, you know I'm a dorky person anyway, but it was just ridiculous in that restaurant! Normally there's a good amount of space between my dorkfish moments, but not this time. Somehow in a short period of time I ended up basically throwing silverware...twice, dropping hand sanitizer in my dad's water (don't ask...), and eating noodles (which, you know, is pretty messy).  Yeah, I'm ridiculous. Well, we made it out of the restaurant alive (no thanks to me) and headed down to Ghirardelli for dessert. We all got free chocolate samples and awesome ice cream!
The living roof of the science museum

Lombard Street

The sea lions!

Signed by Hugh Jackman! So cool! But the price was...not cool.

Bowties are cool. And so are Matt Smith's and Karen Gillan's signatures.

This made me think of Cougar Town! Sorry you can't see the small print :/

We didn't actually eat here, but this is the diner that I almost went to on my first California trip. It's a really cute 50s style diner! Too bad we didn't eat at it this time, but hey at least I got a picture of it. 

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Well, thanks for stopping by my blog! You can check out my first trip here. Here's the link to my sister's blog. And here's the link (finally!) to the conference my dad spoke at. And his bio. Well, thanks for reading and I hope y'all have a wonderful day!

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