Sunday, May 12, 2013


Dress - American Living // Cardigan - New York and Company (Thifted) // Belt - Thrifted // Socks - Marc's // Shoes - Faded Glory // Headband - Claire's
Photos by Laura

It's like I blinked and there were leaves everywhere!! It's pretty amazing. Well, except for the cold? Umm...why is it 45 degrees in May? It's supposed to be back up in the 70s by Wednesday though. It's deceptively cold because in the pictures it looks really warm and it's really sunny! Anyways, I tend to like darker/softer colors better, but I really love this outfit and the color combination just made me think of daisies for some reason. I guess green would have looked more daisy-like than blue, but I guess the blue reminds me of the sky.

Well, I already wrote a little yesterday about how awesome my mom is. In short--she's a super mom. Anyways, we went to Eddie's Grill in Geneva-on-the-Lake like we do every year for Mother's Day...even though it was pretty cold! We would have gone mini golfing as well, but it was too windy and cold so we decided to just put it off 'til another day. We then went to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream :) Later we had to go to my brother's soccer game. Why someone scheduled a soccer game on Mother's Day I'll never know.... Anyways, they won the game!

I hope you'll be reading next week 'cause I will be taking a trip to California! I went a few years ago and actually kept a blog about it. Funny thing is though that's what made me never want to blog again--and I never ever thought I would start another blog. Anyways if you want to read about my first trip, you can here starting at the end of the page. Both trips were due to my dad attending a conference. And this time he's actually speaking at the conference!! He's supposed to send me the link so I can show y'all exactly what conference he's speaking at...oh well he'll get it to me eventually. Anyways, it's so awesome that my dad gets to speak at this conference!!! The last trip he just took me with him, but this time Laura gets to come as well. I'm leaving next Monday (I think? At least that's what I heard last...) so make sure to stop by then to get some updates of the trip!

Anyways...thanks for reading and I hope y'all have a wonderful day!

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