Monday, May 13, 2013


Shirt - Norma Kamali (Thrifted) // Button Up Shirt - Eddie Bauer (Thrifted) // Jeans - a.n.a. // Shoes - Restricted // Argyle Socks - Marc's

Why, yes. I did take these photos myself. And the good camera is finally fixed!!!! So far, I think these are some of the best photos I've taken! Definitely not the best photos on my blog, but by far the best I've taken with a tripod. This is one thing that's really awesome about coming home for the summer--a beautiful backyard where I can take pictures! And there aren't people everywhere... my nautilus shirt? I've amassed a large collection of shells over the years and I've always wanted a nautilus shell. ...this is as close as I ever got. When I was 12 I wanted to be a marine biologist specializing in conchology. Yes, when people asked that's what I told them. And yes, I was homeschooled. ...back to my original point. I guess nautilus shells aren't that expensive, but still. I've tried to get most of my shells via beach or flea market. And I just don't like spending a large amount of money on one thing. I will spend that much money at a thrift store sure, but on like a ton of things and not just one thing. (one thing...haha. I dare you to not sing that 1D song after reading that)

Speaking of thrift stores, I got this shirt at Unique Thrift...and that's where I went today. I always feel kind of awkward wearing clothes to the stores that sell them. Well I guess this is a thrift store and it's not like anyone would recognize it. So, I actually ended up getting some cute things even though I was supposed to be thrifting for my siblings. I got a bunch of clothes too...but, come on, like I'm gonna go to a thrift store and not buy something for me? And it was 50% off day too! So I got bags and bags of clothes for 10 people and I only spent $90 (think about it, that's like the price of one Modcloth dress. And that's why, as much as I stalk the website, I don't have a Modcloth dress...yet.). Yeah, gotta love thrift stores. And I'm sure you'll be seeing some of what I thrifted on my blog very soon!

So, as I'm still rambling (in a way, I'm making up for the really crappy posts all last week!), I feel like this outfit is really preppy. What with the argyle socks, oxfords, and button up shirt. But, it still feels very me because of the colors. Very different from yesterday's outfit with all the bright colors!

Well, I leave for California in one week! Read about my first trip here! Oh, and I've started exercising again! I was so afraid that skipping during finals week would make me want to never start exercising again. I was close...but for some reason I got a weird burst of energy (I'm still on that burst of energy apparently). Good thing! Or I might still be a couch  potato. Anyways thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!!!

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