Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Scarf

Pictures by Catherine

Dress - Corey P. (JCPenney) // Belt & Shoes - Body Central // Scarf - Cato's // Watch - Flea Market

I only have a few days left in Florida, but it's been fun. Although I will definitely miss the 90 degree weather here, I'm ready to get back and see my family.

Anyways, I am very excited with how well these pictures turned out. I have my sister, Catherine to thank for that. I still need to get the camera all set up for her, and sometimes she doesn't always get the right part of the image in focus, but I think she's doing quite a marvelous job!

Well, I'm off to an auction with Catherine and Papaw!


  1. These photos are so beautiful!! I love your outfit :D

  2. Hey there Rebekah (I love the biblical spelling of it!) Thanks for your nice comment, really liking your pretty outfit and fun with the scarf. Plus, loving how you've done your hair. Id like to try this!! X

    1. Thanks! Gosh, I think I've worn this scarf almost every day this week :p

  3. I love these photos, you look absolutely beautiful! I love the mixed patterns, the floral with the stripes looks great.

  4. SO beautiful, love the scarf, and you look stunning <3 Alex

  5. Great photos - your sister's done a good job indeed :)

  6. Beautiful color scarf against your hair!

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  7. Your red hair makes you look like a woodland creature! Love the scarf.