Tuesday, September 9, 2014

And Now I'm Back . . .

Well, I hope I'm back. It's been an eventful past few weeks, but until a few days ago my router was broken! I could still get internet if absolutely necessary, but it required going down to the basement and using the ethernet cable. Not too bad I guess, but there was nowhere to really set my computer down and it's just not really a place I like to spend my time. Part of me was dreading getting the router fixed 'cause the few times I checked on things I kept seeing more and more emails and Facebook messages...and I needed to reply to them at some point.

Like I said, it's been eventful, very eventful, these past few weeks. I can't believe it's already the 3rd week of school though! That means only 13 weeks until Christmas break!!!! So, first week of school I had to have my car jumped twice. You know, 'cause I'm a moron and I leave my lights on. (My car doesn't make a noise when the lights are left on. And I usually go to school early in the morning when it's foggy so I use my lights.... ) The best part is that the second time I had to have my car jumped the only person left in the parking lot was one of my professors that I'd only met a few days earlier! Thankfully he didn't mind helping (I hope), and my car battery's been fine since then. Note I didn't say I remembered to turn the lights off... I just said the battery was fine. Several times I've had to go back out to my car and turn the lights off. This morning, however, I actually remembered to turn the lights off in the morning!

So yeah, very eventful. Aside from my car related shenanigans, I also managed to get in a day at the fair, a trip to Put-in-Bay, some production, voice over, and film work, and a trip to the Carnegie Science Center. Good thing I remembered that last part 'cause I actually have pictures from that! And of course I had to wear my galaxy print dress to a science center with a planetarium! Well, hopefully my router will hold up for a while longer this time and I'll be able to get back to posting slightly more regularly.

Dress - Modcloth // Jacket - Gift // Shoes - Hotcakes // Watch - Flea Market


  1. First, this dress! The skirt yesterday?! You are a dream! I have a galaxy dress and skirt (if you don't have them), we should do a temporary galaxy print swap!

    Second, I have left my lights on three times since they stopped making a noise. After the second, my boyfriend gave me a kit to keep in my car. Now I try and not turn them on unless I need to. It's a bummer being so forgetful.

    1. Oooh, we should! We have some awesome galaxy stuff! And I'm so glad I'm not the only one that leaves the car lights on :p