Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where Have I Been?

Hey! I know I've been gone for awhile, but the last few weeks have been ridiculously busy. I guess I'll just post a few pictures from Easter, which I spent in Virginia.

Dress - Nick & Mo // Cardigan - Thrifted // Shoes - Qupid // Tights - Walmart

I was sad to not go to the church I normally attend, TCBC, on Easter, but it was nice to be out of town! And it was nice to spend some time with my family. I don't remember what church we ended up going to, but it was pretty amazing. The pastor wore an entirely white suit--it was fantastic. And not one person could in the entire church could sing--bless their hearts. Still, they were praising God... as off-key as it was.

We took a few family photos too. This one's definitely my favorite

Lastly, as a bonus, here's what I wore Good Friday.

Dress - Yellow Star // Belt and Cardigan - Thrifted // Shoes - Qupid


  1. You have some lovely dresses there! I think it's good thing to have a break from blogging from time to time as it refreshes the soul and the mind :)

  2. What an absolutely stunning view! I love both of your dresses, but especially the second one - gorgeous!!

  3. Cutest Easter outfits ever! Alex