Saturday, February 13, 2016

Orlando Adventures

So for most of last summer I had no computer. It was not fun. Although, secretly, it was nice to have the excuse of no internet access at times. Plus, I started reading a lot more. Once I got a new laptop it was time for the semester to start. Folks, senior year has been busy. And now it's been almost a year since my last post. I should be working on stuff now, but........I don't want to..... Plus, I have all these great pictures to post!

Shirt - Thrifted // Necklace - Zulily // Skirt - Francesca's // Shoes - Payless

This Christmas, I had the opportunity to go to Florida with my family and spend the Holidays with them at my Papaw's house. For one of the days we went to Downtown Disney (or whatever they changed the name to... hey, it'll always be Downtown Disney to me) and then to the Medieval Times show! It was really fun! I love both Disney and Medieval history. Even though Medieval Times is hardly historically accurate it's still entertaining. And there's a museum on the grounds which is quite fascinating (there's a whole building full of Medieval torture devices). Anyways, it was a fun trip. Hopefully I'll have time to post every now and again during the crazy of this last semester!

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