Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cake Decorating: Australia

Since my brother's birthday party was postponed and other siblings wanted cheesecake or pie, I don't have to make a cake for awhile. But, here are pictures from Laura's birthday! She had an Australian theme so I had a wide variety of things to choose from for her cake. So many that it was actually hard to narrow it down. The most obvious option was the Sydney Opera House, but that seemed both a little ambitious and overdone. So instead I decided to go with a natural landmark.

Over the years my family's done a variety of odd things for cakes, but I don't think anyone's done a geological formation before. I wish I'd had a different frosting tip to do the vegetation on the top, but I think it turned out alright. This time I tried painting the fondant and it worked really well! The rocks/cliffs aren't quite what I wanted, but I ran out of brown :/ Oh well, other than that I'm pretty happy with how it looks!

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