Thursday, November 13, 2014

So, I straightened my hair...

Skirt - Modcloth // Shirt - Thrifted // Shoes - Restricted // Belt - Body Central

Guess what I finished this morning? I dropped off my portfolio and it's being reviewed... so, hopefully, the rest of the semester should be a lot less crazy! I had to drop my portfolio off really early, so I've been up since 6. It's horrible. Why do people get up that early? Granted, I've done a ton of stuff. But now that it's all done, I'm ready to go back to sleep! (And it's not even 11am yet). Anywho, I'm just so excited that's done. I won't know if I passed until next week, but at least I don't have any more work to do!

In case you didn't guess, these pictures are from the summer. August, actually. (Doesn't that sounds like it could be a movie title? Or maybe I'm just really sleep deprived right now...) Anyways, I posted these for two reasons. First, it's snowing outside (nooooo!!!!!!) and I want to remember the lovely warm weather. Second, since I'm super behind in posting, I still have a lot of pictures from the summer left to post :) Well, enjoy the snow. Ha! Just kidding. Snow is horrible. ....Enjoy your weekend regardless of how snow-filled it might unfortunately be.

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  1. I'm a snow hater too :( usually - if I'm snuggled up inside it can be KIND OF pretty, I guess.. haha. Your hair looks pretty like that! Now I'm missing summer :( -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)