Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Dress and Belt - Modcloth // Tights - Walmart // Cardigan - Thrifted // Boots (not shown) - Delias

So, I completely forgot that Thanksgiving was yesterday and I had another completely unrelated post written. Haha. But at least I have a back up post written now!

Oh, first off, I passed the review that I'd been writing about! Right, back to Thanksgiving. Although I am definitely thankful for passing that review.

So this year Thanksgiving was at my aunt's house and I didn't know what to expect 'cause it's usually at my parents' house. But, I think the day went really well and the food was delicious! We played charades, watched Life with Father, and had some really amazing desserts. My sister made theses amazing buttery/chocolatey cupcakes. (I may get up and go get one...)

I hope your Thanksgiving went well! I'll leave you with this hilarious picture of my brother. I don't know how I got this picture, I was just snapping pictures and this happened. He just looks so serious! Like he just closed a business deal or something.

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