Sunday, March 6, 2016

Adventures in Old Town

Dress - JCPenney // Necklace - Modcloth // Shoes - Walmart

Can you believe these shoes are from Walmart? I love them! That aside, when I thought about it, I spend a lot of time in Florida. Almost an entire month out of the year. Sadly, when I graduate, I'll probably not be able to go down there as much.

Anyways, on a quest to find a mug (I'm not joking about that...but more on that later....), we ended up in Old Town in Orlando. Such a cute place! Yeah, it rained a little, but it was warm, so it was alright. The shops there were fantastic! There was a shop just filled with anime paraphernalia--I know my sister would be jealous. And  really cool haunted house (but it wasn't open until dark). There were also amusement park rides, but we didn't really care about going on them. Oh, and a magic shop! There was a show every few hours and the one we went to was great! The magician was very charismatic and entertaining.

So yeah, one reason we went was to find a mug with my family's crest on it. My dad has one and I wanted to add one to my ever growing collection of mugs (I think that I have maybe....100 mugs?). Turns out, the mug store moved somewhere else...inside a theme park, so we couldn't get in. Oh well, At least the magic show ended up being fun!

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