Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crumpled Up Kleenex

Dress - Doe and Rae // Tights - Marc's // Boots - Delia's // Cardigan - Thrifted // Necklace - Forever21

No, I'm not sick (surprisingly). The flowers on this cardigan just look like crumpled up kleenex to me. So I got rid of it the moment I got home. I'd been saving it because I like the color, but the weird flowers on the front are just ... weird. Well, they really look like crumpled up kleenex stuck to my shirt. It's gross. Since I can't remove them without seriously damaging the cardigan, it's going to be removed from my closet.

On a slightly unrelated note, there's nothing like an unexpected foot (or three) of snow to remind you of how awful winter is. Every January (and, well, yeah, February too) I plan elaborate vacations to very warm places (for when I actually have money one day, you know?) and check out the cost of living in other (warmer) states. And because of all the dang snow, I'm stuck wearing these same boots! I miss wearing my other shoes :( I missed them so much that I took this picture. Actually, it just happened to be the magical 'golden hour' and, wouldn't you know it, my shoes looked pretty fantastic in the light. Obviously I had to take a picture. It's even my Facebook cover photo now, haha.

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