Monday, February 2, 2015


Dress - Modcloth // Shoes - Hotcakes

I had this post written awhile ago, I just never posted it. Hey, it's great 'cause school was cancelled today and I don't have to go anywhere!

Anyways, this was so long ago I don't really even remember why we went to Put-in-Bay, but for some reason we did. I mean, it was fun. But I'm pretty sure there was an actual reason for going. Whatever.

It really was fun though. We got stuck in a maritime museum for a long time because of a rain storm. But that was actually a good thing though 'cause it was a great museum and I enjoyed having extra time to look around.

The only downside was the cave tour. Dang, I love cave tours, but this one was terrible! I was looking forward to it all day and it was basically just a short walk down some stairs while listening to an inept teenager making dumb jokes. It made me so sad. I've been on a lot of cave tours, and this one was hands down the absolute worst tour I've ever had the displeasure of taking.

Other than that, the day was really fun! The history of Put-in-Bay was fascinating and I'd really love to go back 'cause it was such a fun experience!


  1. Super cute dress and lovely pictures! <3

    With Love, Elizabeth

  2. Your photography is so absolutely amazing! I'm jealous.