Wednesday, February 25, 2015

These Boots Were Made For . . . Trudging Through The Snow

Dress - Sunny Girl (Modcloth) // Cardigan - Cotton On (Thrifted) // Tights - Marc's // Boots - Delia's // Belt - Body Central

It's so sad that it felt really warm today . . . and it was only in the 20s. Also, my hair feels too long, I can't wait to chop it all off again!


  1. Your hair is adorable - it's making me really miss my short hair. Lovely dress!

  2. I love your dress and boots, so cute!
    I want to cut my hair short too, but I also don't want to. I can't decide!

    With Love, Elizabeth @ Whimsical Thoughts

  3. hello there in U.S.A.,ciao Rebekah...well,the logo of your blog is your style!
    this outfit is so pretty and cannot wait to see your new hair style!