Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Freezing Spring!

Trying to hide my chipped nail polish!

Shirt - a.n.a // Cardigan - Old Navy (Thrifted) // Jeans - Buffalo Jeans // Shoes - Lower East Side // Earrings - Forever21 // Rings - Thrifted
Photos by R. Parker

Why why why is it still so cold!!!! I'm just dying to wear skirts and dresses and sandals. But I can't when I have to walk around campus. I know other people do, but I'd just freeze to death! Anyways, not being able to wear skirts has just left me in a fashion funk! I'm a little sleep deprived so I keep wearing my softest jeans and comfiest shoes! And because of that I feel like I'm not being that creative. Well, I'm definitely looking forward to it being warmer so I can wear summer clothes!!!!

I do love this shirt though! I love British TV shows--my favorites are Doctor Who and Primeval. Anyways, a shirt that says London on it is pretty awesome. Speaking of photographer gets to go to London this summer! I know! I'm so jealous!  Hope you had an awesome day!


  1. Wow, nice to see your blog.Have a nice day.
    Quite cool casual style. I like your jeans.
    <3. XOXO.

    Weclome to my blog.
    By the way, are you interested in reblogging ( I mean, you can choose one of the favortite posts from my blog and post it on your blog, I will help to reblog your post as well, so both of our friends can see the latest update.)

    Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Thank you :) They are very comfy jeans! I checked out your blog--it has some cool stuff on it!

  2. It is freezing here too! I am getting SO sick of winter clothes but it's still too cold to wear anything else.

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    1. Yup, I hear ya. It's not even just end of winter's like january cold here!! My face hurts just walking around school!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks :) Yeah I wish I was from London :p