Monday, October 21, 2013

Learning is Fun...Sometimes

Shirt & Scarf - Thrifted // Skirt - Gander Mountain (seriously) // Tights - Merona // Boots - Charlotte Russe // Coat - Delia's

Wow, I have been extremely busy the past couple weeks! Even though I've had a lot of homework, I'm actually really enjoying it! (um, most of it...) For example...I just spent 10+ hrs restoring a really damaged b&w photograph. And even though it was a bit tedious I really loved that kind of work! That was for my Digital Imaging class. Honestly, that's been probably my most useful class so far. I've been practicing a lot out of class as well. So, since I only have a crappy point-and-shoot camera, I took some of the pictures I took in the summer and edited them. Here's my favorite shot...I didn't realize how bad the original really looked until now. But hey, that's what editing's for :p

What do you think?

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