Friday, October 11, 2013

I Need a New Memory Card

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A new memory card...if only it were that easily. Sometimes I feel like my brain's memory is completely full 'cause I can remember random things like song lyrics and quotes from...well, everything. But when it comes to basically anything else (especially new things!) I'm essentially useless. I could sing the you entire theme song for The Muppet Show right now (and a lot of other shows, sadly)...but I could not tell you what day of the week it is or all the other stuff that I can't remember right now! For the record, I'm pretty sure it's Friday. But then again I was convinced it was Friday back on what I think was actually Wednesday. No, it was really funny. One of my instructors said we had an assignment due Friday and I was like today? It can't be due today! the instructor then reminded me that it was only Wednesday... yeah, that took a few minutes to sink in.

Part of my bad memory might be due to excessive daydreaming. Hey, I get lost in my mind palace sometimes. And if you get that reference (Sherlock) you, my friend, are awesome. Then, if Sherlock has a mind palace, I must have a mind bungalow.*

So mind needs a new memory card. :p It's not like I'm not trying either! I'm working so hard to remember things. Right now I've been using the notepad on my cellphone to write myself little notes throughout the day. Wow, that is really helping! You know how I've said that sometimes I have a good idea for a blog post in the middle of the day, but by the time I'm ready to write that idea is gone? Well, this idea I wrote down in the morning and now I actually remembered to write it! So ironically, I remembered to write a post about my bad memory. Ha.

Btw watch this.

It's hilarious. Gosh, I love Roberto--probably one of my favorite Futurama characters.

*Yes, mom. You get full credit for mind bungalow....

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