Monday, May 19, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Robin Hood

So, for fun I often put together outfits while I'm watching TV or something. And I happen to have a lot of these outfits so I thought Hey, I should post these! . . . and actually sort of put them to good use. Anywho. I've been watching BBC's Robin Hood recently. Can't say I absolutely love the show, but I do like watching different adaptions of Robin Hood. And I guess if I get my inspiration from either TV or a movie I can also give a short review of it as well. Do let me know if you'd like to see more this feature because I do have a lot of these outfits (and I watch a lot of TV, haha) so I'm considering making this a regular feature! (Since I didn't make these with posting in mind, I'm not sure where all the items came from, but I'll do my best!)

Dress // Boots // Socks (similar) // Necklace // Ring // Cuff

For this first outfit I wanted to go with some of the colors you'd think of with Robin Hood--forest green and dark brown. Green dress, for obvious reasons, and brown boots like those often worn in television adaptions of Robin Hood. Knee socks 'cause, well, I like knee socks. Bow and arrow jewelry 'cause . . . duh. It's Robin Hood. And then some woodsy jewelry reminiscent of Sherwood, the location of Robin's secret camp.

I honestly don't like this second outfit as much, but I was determined to use this dress! Since it's navy and tan, it was a bit of a departure from the green and brown, but it still has a woodsy look to it. Same as above with the jewelry--arrows and nature.

On to the show. As I said before, I've been watching BBC's 2006 Robin Hood. I'm currently on episode 10 of the 3rd and final season. I've actually been trying to watch this show for years, but I just kept watching the first three episodes and then getting distracted with another show. This time though, I was determined to keep watching! Obviously, since I tried so many times to watch this and never really got too into it--it's not a particularly amazing show. Still, it's been pretty fun to watch. I'll give some reasons why I both like and dislike this show with (but no spoilers!).

So I do like the sets--very well done. And Richard Armitage (you may also know him as Thorin Oakenshield) does a fantastic job as the very complex Guy of Gisbourne--his costume in season 3 is pretty amazing too. And, I must say, season 3 is so much better than the first two seasons. Friar Tuck joins the cast in season 3 and it's one of the most interesting (and awesome) portrayals I've seen of Friar Tuck. And Sam Troughton is hilarious as Robin's friend Much. The story's been interesting so far--nothing really stands out in regards to the plot as particularly good or bad. But it has been enjoyable.

The costumes for the most part are alright. But, there are a few that are just so bad! In one episode a character actually wears camo pants. Modern day camo pants! Another character wears what looks like a screen print T-shirt underneath her dress. But again, like everything else, the costuming gets much better in season 3. They also use a lot of modern language and phrases in the show which bothers me a little bit. Also, some of the makeup is a bit modern (and Joanne Froggatt's thinly plucked eyebrows).

Robin's arrows have plastic nocks--though they are barely noticeable. Lastly, while I like Keith Allen's acting (also, he's Lily Allen's dad! Whaaat?) I don't like him as the Sheriff of Nottingham. He's too comical (not in a good way, in this case) and childish. He sometimes reminds me of Tim Curry. And I really really like Tim Curry, but I wouldn't have cast him in this part either.

So, would I recommend this show? Yes and no. If you're a stickler for historical accuracy, you'll hate it. But, I've enjoyed watching the show, and it's BBC, so I would definitely encourage you to give it a try. What about you? Have you seen Robin Hood? What did you think? Do you want to see more of these posts? Let me know!

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