Thursday, May 15, 2014

Don't Ever Lose a Spider

Dress - Freeway (Modcloth) // Cardigan - Old Navy (Thrifted) // Tights - Walmart // Shoes - Payless

I can think of some weird places I've seen spiders in my house, but I'll never understand the ones that decide to make homes in my shower! The other day I looked up and there happened to be one curled right up in the corner near the ceiling. Now for some reason my bathroom ceiling is really high and this part is over the shower . . . so there's basically no way to reach this part of the ceiling to rid my house of of this spider. Obviously this really bothered me. And now, after visiting my parents' house for a few days, I don't have any idea where this spider went. So . . . I lost the spider.

Still on showers and spiders . . . you know how you come up with the most random/weird thoughts in the shower? Well, as this spider was ruining my shower, my cat was trying to claw her way into the bathroom (Why do cats do that?). And then I thought Hey, what's the difference between cats and spiders. (I believe I already prefaced this with "Shower Thoughts" that should explain things). Anyway, first off, both cats and spiders remove unwanted pests from your home. Second, they both like to find one comfy spot with a good view of the entire area. Third, they sometimes like to stare at you and make you feel very uncomfortable. Fourth, they're both fuzzy. And lastly, they're both clearly evil. And yet, at least in my house, cats are very welcome, while spiders are definitely not. Maybe it's the extra legs. I seriously have the heebie-jeebies just from writing this and I keep feeling phantom spiders crawling on me. Well, here's hoping I don't run into any more spiders today!

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