Friday, April 26, 2013

April Wishlist

1. Room and Bordeaux Bag
2. Curved Arrow Bracelet (Forever21)
3. The Designer is Inn
4. Catalina Shirred Halter Swimsuit (Walmart)
5. See You Later, Navigator Scarf
6. Fantastical Voyage Dress
7. Mountain Dwelling Dress
8. Woodland That I Love Dress
9. Space to Breath Top
10. Local Bands Skirt
Everything else from Modcloth

So my OCD self wanted all the numbers to be perfectly straight and aligned...but since I wasn't working in Illustrator (it's just not a habit yet...the program's new to me) I just let the numbers go all over the place instead. Now I see that most of my stuff is from Modcloth...When I first started coming up with my wishlist I had a lot of variety, but when I had to narrow it down to only my favorite items they almost all ended up being from Modcloth!

So the Mountain Dwelling Dress just showed up on Modcloth yesterday I think, but I am so so in love with it right now! I love all the stuff on the wishlist, but if I actually ended up buying something, it would probably be that dress! Wow, now I really love that balloon dress too.... Anyways, I had fun making this wishlist :)

Bible reading and exercise done for the day. Thanks for reading! Hope y'all have a great day!

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