Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wantr Review

So, I got an email a few weeks ago to try out a new website called Wantr. It's basically a giant wishlist for almost any store you can think of. It's most useful for sale items though. You can choose to follow the stores you like and when you log in you can see new items from those stores and add them to your wish list--or you can want the item. I think it's a great idea for a website! And a way to keep all your wishlists in one place! It's not something I check every day, it's more like once a week. But, I have fun finding items I like. Oh, and if there's a store you like that isn't there, you can add one. I added the Shabby Apple feed 'cause there wasn't one yet.

The downside is that it doesn't show the price of the item on Wantr. From what I hear, they're planning to add that to the website in the near future. There is however a direct link to the item from the Wantr website. You can choose to follow your friends on Wantr and other people can follow you and see what's on your wishlist! It's not a feature that I use that much though--I think other people will like it, but it's just not something I'm that interested in. Other than that, it's been a cool website to try out and I think it's a great idea! Try it out for yourself! Let me know if you like it :) Oh, and it's free!

This is what I see when I log in

This is the Shabby Apple sale feed

My mouse isn't showing up, but I was hovering over the dress I wanted to add to my wantlist. I then just had to click on the + Want button to add it.

This is my wantlist. And you can see the dress I just added in the lower left corner.

Here are some of the feeds you can follow.

Well, I hope y'all give Wantr a try! Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!

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