Monday, April 22, 2013

It's A Jungle Out There

Shirt - LOFT (thrifted) // Jacket - Delia*s // Jeans - Buffalo Jeans // Shoes - Maurices // Earrings - Handmade // Rings - Thrifted // Scarf - Thrifted

The title has nothing to do with the fact that the theme song to Monk was playing... Ok ok so my scarf reminded me of a jungle or a safari or something and right then the theme song to Monk came on. And Wha-BAM! I have a post title. That's how blogging works, y'all. Just kidding. I actually don't even like the title 'cause it's not that original. If for some reason I do actually like the post title, I can almost guarantee you that it took me all day to come up with it.

So, on that note, I'd like to tell you how one of my blog posts is created. First I start planning my outfit the night before. Sometimes I will lay out my outfit on a chair so it's right there when I wake up. Once I've made up my mind I will completely change the outfit around 10 PM. Then I'll either wake up or still be awake at 2AM and change the outfit yet again. Once my alarm goes off I will stupidly decide that I can afford to sleep another 30 minutes. When I finally drag myself out of bed I'll realize that I'm running really late. So, I'll change the outfit again, rush to put on my makeup and do my hair, and then change my mind about the outfit once again. 

Once I'm at school, obviously I can't change my mind about the clothes. Thank goodness or I might never be dressed (although I'll have many dang it, I should have worn that instead moments)! I then spend my time in between classes (...or during class...) trying to come up with post titles and stuff to write about. Finally when I get home and begin to write, I completely change my mind again and just write about what's on my mind at the moment. And (I repeat my earlier statement)...Wha-BAM blog post complete. Then the cycle starts all over again. Ok, so some of that may not be entirely true...but it might surprise you what parts are true! Ironically, at one point, I actually had the entire week's outfits planned out and hanging on a clothes rack...that didn't last long. Anyways, if you blog, how do you write your posts/plan outfits?

Excersice ...check. Bible Reading ...check. (and yesterday too...I just forgot to post it).

Well, hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading!


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  2. really love this perfect and confortable causal outfit!!
    so so cool!

  3. lovely outfit!

  4. Hahah I also spend way too much time coming up with outfits :) Love this one and the cool photos!
    xx, Emily
    so anthro

  5. LOL @ it taking you a day to come up with your post title. Been there done that girl! I'm impressed that you lay out your entire outfit the night before. I pull it together when I'm already running late out the door. I need to be more organized. Anyway, I love the backdrop of these photos too.. looks like a haunted factory!


    1. I managed to get my outfit together today, but we'll see if that ever happens again! And thanks :) It's actually the front hall of my house! It's amazing how different it looks in different lighting! I love taking pictures there!

  6. I hate those times when you wish you were wearing something else - they're the worst! Love this casual look - that scarf is awesome :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. Haha yeah I hate those moments :p Thanks though! I just thrifted the scarf and I could'nt wait to wear it!

  7. I love this combination! It looks great on you

  8. Okay, I am officially so jealous that this is the front hallway in your house. It's gorgeous and there's so much ambiance with the lighting and the brick walls. (Ooooh, I love brick walls so much, they just have the coolest look to them.) How awesome that you have such a great place to take inside photographs, I really love the mysterious vibe to your pictures int his post.

    I'm really bad when it comes to planning posts, mostly because I do no said planning. Every now an then I might plan an outfit in advance but it's mostly all on the fly kind of stuff. I so get you about the post titles, sometimes something great will pop into my head or I'll just have a random thought bouncing around all day that has nothing to do with the post. :P

    1. I was so sad today 'cause it was too dark to take pictures in that hallway with my crappy cell phone camera :(

  9. Love the scarf!! Great blog, just joined and look forward to following you. :)

    Will you join mine?