Saturday, April 27, 2013

Clothes I Just Can't Get Rid Of

Shirt - Faded Glory // Scarf - Thrifted // Jeans - Buffalo Jeans // Shoes - Walmart // Cardigan- Thrifted // Turquoise Ring - Thrifted // Earrings - Gift from my sister // Balm Stain - Revlon Romantic // Nail Polish - Revlon Vintage Rose

So as you know I've been trying to clean my closet...but it's not going so well. This shirt and scarf were both in the pitch pile and then I thought wait! I can think of so many ways to wear those. And here they are. Saved from the pitch pile. And now I love them. I guess this is a good thing, 'cause now I have more wearable clothes than I thought. It was almost a dumb idea to completely empty my closet 'cause it wasn't unorganized...I just thought I had a lot more to get rid of. But I'm not putting anything back in my closet unless I really love it! I should be cleaning right now...but I've been working on finals stuff. Now I'm just done for today. Eventually I need to get everything cleaned off the floor, but I guess not yet.

On another note, I'm finally wearing my...well they're not Toms...I call them Sams 'cause they're from Walmart. I guess I'll just call them canvas shoes. I wanted Toms for so long, and I was so excited to see a cheaper version at Walmart. They're soooo comfortable, I don't know why I haven't worn them before. Oh was snowing and freezing cold until recently! I guess I could wear them in the winter, but I don't really want to when I have fuzzy boots!

Bible reading and exercise...done. Thanks for reading! Hope y'all have a great day!

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